Boris saluting

Now Liam Fox is in the news,
For making known some of his views,
On what the Government should do,
On trade post-Brexit the EU.

He wrote a letter weeks ago,
Intended to give the heave-ho,
To Boris at the FCO*
Which would, have been a mortal blow.
* Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Fox said, “Now when it comes to trade,
Your folk are dim, I am afraid,
So matters of this sort should be,
Transferred directly now to me.”

But Boris said, “Now on your bike!
There are some blue ones that you’ll like,
I will not give up foreign trade,
For of such things is money made.

My views on this are clear and terse,
As I’m now telling you in verse;
My staff are really rather swell,
So your lot can just go to hell!”

Fox said, “That really is absurd,
With Mrs May I’ll have a word,
She’s bound to see my point of view,
And that will finally stuff you!”

But Mrs May was not impressed,
As views of both she did digest,
“Now both of you act like a fool,
Did you learn nothing while at school?!”

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