The British Bake Off’s had its rest,
From proving dough to lemon zest,
But now as mixers start to whirr,
It is accused of sexist slur.

For in a picture in the press,
With people in all sorts of dress,
The women’s icing was all pink,
Which seems to have stirred up a stink,
For men displayed another hue,
Which – you have guessed it – was bright blue.

So all the photographs were canned,
With publication being banned,
And icing which had once been blue,
Was changed to quite a different hue.

You may think this a load or trash,
Complete and utter balderdash,
And while this view is surely right,
Some people do still get uptight,
If everything is not PC,
Which matters not to you and me.

They complain of all sorts of things,
From jobs and cars to wedding rings,
Their worrying creates such strife,
They really should just get a life.

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