Glass of sugar lumps

Some people want to ban junk food,
While others think this rather rude,
“If folk want to be fat,” they say,
“We shouldn’t take their food away.”

The Government thought it was fine,
To ban junk adverts before nine,
But now, it seems, it has changed tack,
And wants to bring the adverts back.

“People should themselves make the choice,
But when they look at their invoice,
(That is that fiddly little bill,
You get from Tesco’s at the till)
They’ll see by means of reading skill,
There is a tax on sugar still.”

The cynical among us might,
Think HMG has set its sight,
On maximizing V – A – T,
Which must be paid by you and me.

So let your watchword be, “Take care”.
When you are shopping for your fare,
It’s better to be rich than fat,
So choose things that avoid the VAT.

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