Exam results

Exam results are out again,
Result of taxing pen and brain,
And often in this test of mind,
We find the boys are left behind.

So this time Ofqual, bless its soul,
Which doesn’t want boys on the dole,
Has carried out its own maths test,
To see which gender is the best.

It finds, by sums with cubic roots,
That these new male but raw recruits,
Have improved much on former years,
And are now close to female peers.

The joy this brings must now be told,
For back in former days of old,
When Ofqual finished its audits,
It was at the end of its wits.

“So get the Champagne off the ice,
’Cos these results are rather nice,
And just in case our sums are wrong,
Which might come out before too long,
It’s better that we drink it quick,
In case the boys are really thick!”

Photo – dutimes.com

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