Remember All that ‘Help to Buy’,
As news it was all pretty dry,
George Osborne did the scheme devise,
So that should come as no surprise.

The scheme was straightforward enough,
If you could save, which was quite tough,
The Government would add some more,
So even people who were poor,
Might find enough a home to buy,
No matter prices were sky-high.

But since the Government was skint,
It thought to include some small print,
Which said the saver could not use,
This cash for things like fags and booze,
And neither, though there is no VAT,
The deposit on house or flat.

This wasn’t spotted at the time,
But you know now – it’s in this rhyme,
And people find they can’t afford,
To pay enough hard cash toward,
The deposit which will secure,
Their house until they are quite sure,
That, having seen the search and deed,
It’s quite safe for them to proceed.

Since Osborne, G is now long gone,
Sir Philip Hammond is the one,
To clear up this mess one day,
But right now he’s on holiday.

So buyers will just have to wait,
Their houses at the starting gate,
’Til Philip Hammond with his clout,
Decides to pull his finger out.

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