The Government wants to crack down,
On surgeons who can stop your frown,
By means of just a nip and tuck,
Or maybe a quick eyebrow pluck.

It seems some doctors do not know,
As much as they should when you go,
Under the scalpel – that’s a knife –
And in their hands they hold your life.

A doctor may then earn a star,
As long as he’s well over par,
But if his hand still trembles though,
You really should get up and go.

So if you want – you get my drift? –
A boob job or a bottom lift,
Do take great care which one you pick,
And don’t choose any Tom or Dick.

And ’specially beware of those,
With special offers on your nose,
Or bad ones – and there are a few –
Still advertising three for two!

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