Rio olympic logo

Predictable headlines today,
As everything is put away,
And athletes pack their cases so,
Back to their countries they can go.

The British team did really well,
So on their success we should dwell,
They really had a cracking time,
Devoid of beer and likely wine.

The medal tally – that’s the score,
Just kept on growing more and more,
And as they ran race after race,
They ended up in second place.

We’ve never done this well before,
In cycling, running, using oar,
Or riding horses, hockey, golf,
And others you can add yourself.

So give three cheers for all the team,
Of athletes they are quite the cream,
They have abstained to run so fast,
And now they can get drunk at last.

Photo – http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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