Tins of food

The German Government has said,
People not wanting to be dead,
Should take precautions in their house,
As also should the person’s spouse.

The situation’s getting grim,
And though the chances may be slim,
There may one day be an attack,
So we must not precautions lack.

We can’t say who will lead the charge,
If it will come by land or barge,
It could be big, it could be small,
Or maybe no attack at all.

But we must surely all prepare,
Of everyone we should beware,
And people should across the land,
Stock up with food that’s dried or canned,
So if the worst comes to the worst,
We can have pasta with our wurst.

This food will not exciting be,
But if you’re thinking now like me,
That people might soon of it tire,
Our normal food is pretty dire!

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