Bake Off 1

GBBO is back all right,
It was on all your screens last night,
With drizzle cake a favourite noun,
’Cos half the time it’s pouring down.

The cakes were varied as you saw,
Some nicely cooked but others raw,
And viewing figures are so big –
Exceeding Top Gear and the Stig –
That good old Aunty BBC,
Exports the format for a fee.

In distant lands this works quite well,
Liked by the foreign personnel,
But Germans then bake cakes that you’d
Think really were a little rude.

“But what of China?” you might say,
“Do they like baking cakes this way?”

If they could choose perhaps they would,
But Government says, “It’s not good.
We don’t have programme formats that,
Just end up making people fat.

The Chinese all eat rice each day,
And you should know that is the way,
That they stay healthy and quite thin –
With cake they would not be so trim.

We had this problem in the past,
When people put on weight so fast,
That, whether rich or whether poor,
They struggled to get through the door.

Our people really just don’t know,
With cake how far they ought to go,
They cannot stick to just one piece,
And that’s why they’d end up obese.”

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