Lords 1

There’s been a practice, so it seems,
When watching, at Lord’s, cricket teams,
Of letting one’s champagne cork fly,
But no-one’s really quite sure why.

Spectators, who are mostly rich,
Point bottles straight towards the pitch,
In that direction corks then fly,
And might hit someone in the eye.

The players are not keen on this,
Some pray to God the corks will miss,
But though the corks might still be popped,
They’d like to see the practice stopped.

“They could,” they say, “cause hurt and pain,
As they come down in sun or rain,
For though to miss us you may try,
One could just hit us in the eye.”

The poppers of the corks replied,
“But your pain would be multiplied,
If that hard ball from off your bat,
Hits you and so knocks you out flat.

Compared to that our corks are small,
And wouldn’t do much harm at all,
To lessen the risk overall,
You should just use a softer ball!”

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