Yes Minister Both

I am surprised that Brexit was,
Today’s headline again because,
If this goes on – no ifs, no buts –
Then very soon we’ll all be nuts.

The subject really is quite sad,
For any views one might have had,
Have surely been expressed elsewhere,
Repeated more than one can bear.

But, sadly, I have little choice,
And so I must now give some voice,
To backroom dealings in the dept.,
Where staff are possibly inept.

The problem right now seems to be,
That civil servants – Sir Humphrey –
And ministers, so oft maligned,
Have views which are not quite aligned.

“So what is new?” I hear you say,
“It’s surely always been that way.
Sir Humph. is really clever and,
Will always get the upper hand.”

Perhaps he will but Mrs May,
Thinks that she is in charge today,
And Humphrey was in Thatcher’s time,
When May still had some way to climb.

So will the PM, Mrs May,
In 2016 get her way?
In future we’ll know if she lost,
Meanwhile just keep your fingers crossed.

Photo – BBC

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