Wine glass full

Today we’re warned in dulcet tone,
We really should our diets hone,
And if you’ve heard it all before,
Please don’t just head straight out the door.

Advice like this comes every week,
Proclaiming that the future’s bleak,
For anyone who doesn’t heed,
On diet everything they read.

This time the diet Med. is good,
Take notice of it if you would,
And stuff your face with fruit and fish,
Which you should have in every dish.

The fruit and fish need not be mixed,
And other things can go betwixt,
So that when you your dinner lick,
You are less likely to be sick.

And veg., of course, is all the rage,
It has been since the Middle Age;
We really should eat more and more,
Including flesh, skin, pips and core.

And, finally, a word on wine,
Which should not be drunk all the time,
And views do vary much, I think,
On whether this delightful drink,
Should be consumed in glasses small,
Or maybe never drunk at all.

But in the article today,
It says to drink wine anyway,
One glass for women, men get two,
Which may seem quite unfair to you,
But since glass size is not prescribed,
Who says how much can be imbibed?!

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