Do you remember way back when,
You could go in a shop and then,
As in this rhyme I now allege,
Ask for a pound of fruit or veg?

The man* behind the counter would,
Work out the price because he could,
And in a loud voice would announce,
The total based on pound and ounce.
* Or woman (and perhaps others now), I suppose

But all this changed some years ago,
When EU members, once our foe,
Insisted that we had to go,
And ditch the pound for the kilo.

Some people did not like this change,
They thought the kilo very strange,
Bananas they sold by the pound,
Then found themselves to prison bound.

So then the kilo won the day,
Since then it’s always been this way,
And everything from bread to Spam,
Has been sold by the kilogram.

But as we leave the EEC –
That’s Brexit now to you and me –
A chink of light might just appear,
In this part of the retail sphere.

So expect much more to be said,
Enough to give you a sore head,
As folk try now to change the law,
Or start a new banana war.

Photo – saltmarshrunning.com

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One thought on “GOING BANANAS

  1. Lakeisha February 22, 2017 / 15:00

    It’s a plerause to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly


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