The Apple comp’ny has been fined,
And must pay, if it doesn’t mind,
Some billions of cash in hand,
As back tax in the emerald land.

The edict’s come from the EU,
With pencils sharp and ink that’s blue,
Which in a three year long report,
Says Ireland’s tax take did distort,
The competition in the land,
And so was pretty underhand.

But Apple says, “We broke no rules,
On paying tax we are not fools.
We always pay the tax we ought,
Which, in the main, is next to nought.

So we’ll appeal against this bill,
Then we can keep our money still,
We have complied with Irish law,
And so will fight it tooth and claw.”

The Irish, oddly, also say,
That they’ll appeal as well today;
You’d think they’d bide their time a bit,
Just in case Apple still gets hit,
For if they have to pay at all,
The Irish get a tax windfall.

So Ireland’s haste seems rather rash,
It’s as if they don’t need the cash;
I know the country is the home,
Of gold in rainbows polychrome,
But recently, I don’t know why,
Gold crocks have been in short supply.

But something in this case is strange,
The zero count quite out of range,
I didn’t know ere this dispute,
That there was so much cash in fruit.

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