Мультсериал Гриффины

Most people like to watch TV,
With some still doing it for free,
Both evening and during the day,
Because they don’t their licence pay.

“We only watch catch up they say,
“And therefore it is quite OK,
Because of rules so very old,
It is still legal to behold,
Non-live TV upon our set,
’Cos they’ve not been updated yet.”

The BBC says “Time’s run out,
Your watching habits were in doubt.
We think you mostly did contrive,
Also to watch TV that’s live,
And by not paying you deprive,
Us of what we need to survive.

The rules are changing from today,
So everyone will have to pay,
You can no longer watch for free,
In any way on your TV.

And that is only right and fair,
So what we broadcast on the air,
Is paid for fairly most agree,
By all who watch it on TV.”

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