Duck House

MP’s expenses in the news,
As one MP sets out his views,
Which are, “Receipts? A waste of time!
So we need a new paradigm.

We shouldn’t have to show receipts,
As if we’re just a bunch of cheats,
For just a monthly charge will do,
And really very nicely too.

It really will save lots of time,
Which we can then spend drinking wine,
In fact my plan is really swell,
’Cos it can pay for that as well.”

But other MPs were aghast,
“Excuse us,” they said, “not so fast.
It isn’t long since we got caught,
Claiming for things we did not ought.

Like duck houses and cleaning moats,
Cruises we took on ships and boats,
And kitchens new, antiques quite old,
Plus jewellery in solid gold.
It’s stuff like this and other things,
That criticism of us brings.

Our voters’ views would be so dim,
Election prospects rather slim,
And not to beat about the bush,
We’d probably all get the push.

So let us not be bad but good,
Claim only things we rightly should,
For if we don’t the people fleece,
They might just leave us all in peace.”

Photo – the

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