Trump in Mexican hat

So Donald Trump’s seen fit to go,
And visit neighbour Mexico,
I’m not too sure that this is wise,
Since Mexicans him so despise.

You’re sure to know what he has said,
Because you are all so well-read,
But to recap, our blond oddball,
Has said that he would build a wall,
Along just where the border runs,
But not this time with scatter guns.

This went down like a lead balloon,
Some folk said, “He’s just a buffoon,
So just ignore the silly prat,
He thinks that he’s an autocrat.”

But others said, “Don’t be too sure,
For far away beyond the Ruhr,
This wall idea’s before been tried,
And history should now be our guide.

It stood for almost thirty year,
Built straight upon the lithosphere,
But in the end it all collapsed,
Before much more time had elapsed.

Although in Europe, ’twas controlled,
By the USSR of old,
That’s Russia, more or less, you knew,
And Trump is friendly with them too.”

So Mexicans now one and all,
Do keep protesting ’gainst this wall,
We know you’re in a dreadful grump,
And all because of Donald Trump.

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