Phone fire

Now welcome to our smart new phone,
That everybody wants to own,
It’s so fantastic that it’s true,
It will become a part of you.

It does so many clever things,
If someone calls you then it rings,
And if the bleeper should be set,
You will not anything forget.

You can use it to watch TV,
Though as of this week not for free,
And it has cameras everywhere,
One front, one back and some to spare.

But one thing that you ought to know,
If you should want a rosy glow,
Is that the phone can catch alight,
To keep you warm by day or night.

That’s not to say it isn’t cool,
Though that’s the meaning as a rule,
And safety first is not in doubt,
’Cos water always puts it out.

The water could a problem be,
If you have got an i-Phone 3,
Or 4 or 5 or 6 or more,
Which sell in any Apple store.

But our new phone has been made right,
It is extremely watertight,
That’s handy if you spill your drink,
Or drop the smart phone in the sink.

You need not take excessive care,
About the risk of burning hair,
But better to be cool than dead,
So splash some water on your head.

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