Nicola Sturgeon, young wee lass,
Is really such a silly ass,
She wants for Scotland to be free,
So she can pose there as queen bee.

They had a vote on this you know,
And Scots folk told her where to go,
Despite bad tactics by her chums,
The Scots gave her the rush for bums.

Undaunted, though, she soldiers on,
Persisting with her mindless con,
And Brexit gives her, she must think,
Another chance to folk hoodwink.

She says to Scots, “Don’t fret at all,
We’ll keep the pound, we’ll have a ball,
And when the cash has all run out,
We only need to scream and shout,
And then England or the EU,
Will give more cash to see us through.”

Wise Scots said, “Doesn’t work like that,
If you believe it you’re a twat.
Our income won’t be what you say,
’Cos most of it the English pay.

And if we were a separate land,
We very soon would find the hand,
That feeds us now will pay no more,
Which leaves us a great obligor.

You have to stop this nonsense now,
No-one believes you anyhow,
And if there is another vote,
It’s time to get your hat and coat!”

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