Doctors on strike

The doctors’ strike is on again,
They’re hoping there won’t be much rain,
For certain they don’t want a squall,
And preferably no rain at all.

For standing in a cloud-blitzed street,
In rain if warm, if cold it’s sleet,
Is not a doc’s idea of fun –
They really would prefer the sun.

They really want to hedge their bets,
So they once more issue their threats,
That if their contracts they don’t like,
They will, again, go out on strike.

Their list of dates is pretty long,
And bound to cause a right ding-dong,
But as the doctors ought to say,
They will not strike on every day.

Depending if it’s rain or fair,
They’ll choose at that point what to wear,
But if it’s bad as aforesaid,
They might just stay at work instead.

This will so much disruption cause,
The NHS all put on pause,
It really isn’t very fair,
To patients in the doctors’ care.

The Government must now subdue,
The doctors as they strike anew,
They need as well as acting fast,
To check on the weather forecast.

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