Hospital operating theatre

The NHS has no more cash,
And so it has to do things rash,
With balanced budgets incomplete,
It has to ration who it treats.

The principle it will apply,
To services it might supply,
Is that if you are gross or fat,
You’ll probably be turned down flat.

The same is true for smokers who,
Are also the back of the queue,
For in both cases, smoke and fat,
Your own misfortune you begat.

So if you want a knee or hip,
’Cos yours is giving you some gyp,
You must be able then to prove,
That your own health you will improve.

So if you’re fat you must reduce,
By eating less and less produce,
While smokers can all clear the air,
By proving that they do forswear,
Tobacco smoking – any form –
Which until now has been their norm.

And if you improve in this way,
You might get your new joint today,
So that with your new hip or knee,
You’ll very very happy be.

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