You may not know but when you rub,
Your skin with a posh body scrub,
Most everything that it contains,
Is washed away right down the drains.

On second thoughts, you knew all that,
So why’m I writing like a prat?
It is because the scrub you use,
Has recently been in the news.

That is because it may contain,
Some microbeads, please note the name,
And these flushed down the drain each day,
Into the oceans find their way.

Once there they float around a bit,
Get eaten by a vertebrate,
And although seemingly inert,
According to a world expert,
These tiny little plastic beads,
End up in things on which one feeds.

It’s thought that this is really is bad,
If we all die it will be sad,
And so it’s likely they’ll be banned,
From being sold around the land.

And this ban will be good indeed,
For these beads we don’t really need,
It will protect all types of fish,
And also us, if they’re our dish

So if your body scrub you lose,
You really shouldn’t get the blues,
The need for microbeads just pales,
And you can use your fingernails.

Image – http://www.beatthemicrobead.org

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