Clinton Hillary - not me

It’s been alleged that if you pay,
You might meet Mrs C one day,
An adventure not to be missed,
’Cos maybe you her arm might twist.

Suspicions have been swirling round,
As Mrs C sought to expound,
By saying, “Don’t believe a word,
Of that old proverb that you’ve heard.

I mean the one with fire and smoke –
Just saying it could make you choke –
The allegations will backfire,
’Cos though there’s smoke there is no fire.”

Her critics respond, “You’ve got form,
And do things that are not the norm.
We had the case of emails that,
Were not of the approved format,
And possibly, though we don’t know,
Might just have been hacked by our foe.

And we remember in the past,
The US people were aghast,
At things your husband, Bill, did do,
Or was at least reported to.

And so you Clintons have got form,
As allegations round you swarm,
Some lack of judgement has been shown,
And now your cover has been blown.

So as you compete on the stump,
With highly coiffured Donald Trump,
We will elect you if we must,
But it’s all really about trust.

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