Clinton Confidential

You can’t get her out of the news.
As people try to get her views,
Including, now, the FBI,
Which has just had another try.

But questions that they asked her straight,
Were really hardly worth the wait,
Since her reply to almost all,
Was, “Sorry, but I don’t recall.”

We had not been aware before,
Her mind just really could not store,
The facts of how she did behave,
So to avoid an outcome grave.

But now she swears she doesn’t know,
As accusations grow and grow,
And when a letter marked with ‘C’,
Did land upon the desk of she,
She said she thought that it must mean,
The paragraph she had then seen,
Most probably was one of three,
And coming somewhere after ‘B’.

She said she knew this thing because,
She learnt it younger when she was,
At nursery school and could recite,
The alphabet and get it right.

The FBI is kindly so,
They thought they would just let this go,
For these few lines recalled by she,
Cast doubt on her poor memory.

But then they went on to point out,
That letter ‘C’ without a doubt,
Meant ‘Confidential’ on the page,
Which surely was not hard to gauge.

She said, “How clever this all is,
The one behind it is a whizz,
I hope he didn’t work for free,
’Cos he is cleverer than me.

I will in future really try,
To check things over with my eye,
And furthermore in my replies,
I’ll try to minimize pork pies.”

Image – nypost.com

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