Chinese spy

The G 20 is under way,
It started only yesterday,
And there among the suits and ties,
There might be lots of Chinese spies.

The conference, arranged and planned,
By Chinese people of that land,
Has spies, perhaps we’ll call them spooks,
Straight from the red Chinese handbooks.

Rule one says: All the people bring,
To anywhere except Beijing,
For there the leaders all could stay,
In their own embassies each day.

An embassy is more secure,
’Cos spies and spooks are rather fewer,
And if you looked beneath the rug,
You’d not expect to find a bug.

But if it’s in some other place,
Then China surely holds the ace,
Because they have had time to fit,
Bugs everywhere folk stand or sit.

But bugs are not the half of it,
For there are other spies that sit,
Around the place as cool as ice,
And really looking rather nice.

These other spies, not often male,
Might ply someone with wine or ale,
And when he thinks his luck is in,
They slip to him a mickey fin.

The punter then just falls asleep,
Which probably is pretty deep,
And while there in the land of nod,
There in the room the other bod,
Might take his papers or his phone,
Before departing on her own.

Next day he will embarrassed be,
For fallen for this trick has he,
And since he is a stupid slob,
He’ll very likely lose his job.

So leaders everywhere take care,
These incidents are far from rare,
They can just happen any time,
So please stay off the ale and wine.

Image – http://www.theweek.com

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