The title gives not much away,
As you read this, my blog, today,
But you will be quite thrilled to learn,
That, once again, it’s Brexit’s turn.

For Mrs May, of whom you’ve heard,
This weekend plans to have a word,
With trading partners who’ll be new,
And are quite like to share her view.

She has a problem, though, you know,
For her officials that do go,
For give and take with the EU,
Are really, truly very few.

This is because, it is quite plain,
That all our trade talks in the main,
For goods shipped in by land and sea,
Have been led by the EEC.

But all’s not lost, you ought to know,
As we depart the status quo,
For friendly countries – two or three –
Will lend us some with pedigree.

Australia, NZ as well,
Have people who can write and spell,
But if she wants them on the cheap,
They might just send us roos and sheep.

Image – http://www.freakingnews.com

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