Keith Vaz

It’s only rarely I expose,
A subject better writ in prose,
Such as, perhaps, the subject sex,
Which very easily can vex.

But now, today, most of the press,
Are all in tune – well, more or less,
And talking of alleged dark deeds,
So everyone their copy reads.

Now enter on the scene Keith Vaz,
And it’s been alleged that he has,
Been doing things though not proscribed,
Which still are better not described.

There’s no suggestion that he broke,
The law by doing things bespoke,
But when someone recognized him,
He said he was a man called Jim.

This Jim, we learn, just by the way,
Sold washing machines by the day,
But when it then went dark at night,
The rest was done by candlelight.

Jim was embarrassed, so they say,
Is worried it might turn him grey,
It’s now a public bit of life,
And he forgot to tell the wife.

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