Female patient in detist office geeting anesthetic injection, be

“Now Mrs Jones, as your dentist,
I really would like to insist,
That you come back in six months’ time,
So I can check and see to grime.

Your teeth are not too bad, it’s true,
But just between them, me and you,
An extra check and polish will,
Perhaps help to avoid the drill.

And if you book a date today,
There’s only nineteen pounds to pay,
Which I am sure you will agree,
Is really quite a modest fee.”

“But Dentist,” Mrs Jones replied,
“I’d really like my time to bide,
For six months is such little time,
No matter it’s in prose or rhyme.

I’d really like to stretch it out,
To eighteen months or thereabout,
’Cos six months really is too short,
According to a new report.

I’m sure that this will be quite fine,
Will keep you still in Scotch and wine,
And if a tooth should need a fill,
Well then, we’ve always got the drill.

I know the drill is not so nice,
I’ve had to bear it once or twice,
But only over body dead,
Would I agree to gas instead!”

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