Basic sums on a blackboard

Now welcome to our brand new school,
Kids do not learn much as a rule,
But on the board please keep your eye,
Then you might learn bits if you try.

It’s grammar schools that are the best,
They come out well in any test,
But Tony Blair banned new ones so,
The kids would elsewhere have to go.

He didn’t close those that were left,
A move which turned out rather deft,
So then his kids during his rule,
Could still be sent to grammar school.

But time’s moved on and Mrs May,
Wants more of them around today,
And so she plans to change the law,
So people can then open more.

On balance this is likely good,
But also you might think it would,
Help all the kids to read and spell,
If they improved the rest as well.

So that is what she ought to do,
Improve for many, not the few,
So any Harry, Tom or Dick,
Will end up being not so thick.

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