John Prescott on the train one day,
P’rhaps bound for Hull but who can say,
Observed while sitting in his seat,
The tea girl run right off her feet.

He didn’t sit down on the floor,
’Cos that one has been done before,
But being quite a helpful chap,
And having finished off his nap,
He went and asked the girl if he,
Might give assistance making tea.

“Why yes,” she said, “that would help lots,
While we’re delayed right here in Notts.
Just add the water to the tea,
But don’t forget it’s not for free.

The punters all still have to pay,
It’s not a high price anyway,
I’m sure that it will be all right,
As long as we’re not here all night.”

So Prescott made the tea that day,
Was complimented, too, some say,
He wasn’t needed all night long,
But his tea was made extra strong.

He joked and quipped about the tea,
“The recipe,” he said, “was key.
One time they would call me ‘Two Jags’,
But now they’ll have to say ‘Two Bags’.”

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