If you watch Bake Off every week,
You might now think the future’s bleak,
For it’s the last time that you’ll see,
The programme on the BBC.

Their contract’s coming to an end,
And they’ve not managed to extend,
The contract so it’s not finite,
With those who hold the copyright.

It’s been on our screens quite some while,
Beats other programmes by a mile,
With viewing figures really high,
And better than you’d get on Sky.

’Cos we all love our cakes and pies,
We watch intently with our eyes,
And should a ginger house go crash!
It can be fixed with more ganache.

So get your hankies, wipe that tear,
Console yourselves by drinking beer,
For cakes that we all like to see,
Are now unlikely to be free.

But wait! Another bit of news,
Responding to its viewers’ views,
It’s been announced, I think I saw,
It’s moving now to Channel Four.

So worry not you Bake Off fans,
You’ll still get all your cakes and flans,
And also it will still be free,
Here on terrestrial TV.

So raise a glass and give a cheer,
Bake Off continues to be here,
Its going would be a mistake,
Because we really love our cake!

Image – BGGO screen shot

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