So Mrs May’s a Bake Off fan,
She likes to bake cakes when she can,
She has a hundred books on cakes,
And other dishes that she makes.

So when she heard ’twas not to be,
Again shown on the BBC,
She lost her rag and lost her cool,
Not something she does as a rule.

“I don’t like this so heads will roll!
Just tell me who was in control.
They must be useless on the whole,
So soon they’ll find they’re on the dole.”

The Chairman of the BEEB steps out,
That she’s in charge there is no doubt,
And since she was put in her post
By Cameron, she’s now just toast.

So off she goes her dole to get,
There isn’t a replacement yet,
But Mel and Sue have both now said,
They’ll stay and do her job instead!

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