It is alleged, most people think,
Claude Juncker can be worse for drink,
It’s said at breakfast he wolfs down,
A cognac in his dressing gown.

These allegations are denied,
As Juncker tries his drink to hide,
But in a recent interview,
Although he didn’t need the loo,
It is reported he did deign,
To drink four glasses of champagne.

As well as this some folk have seen,
When he has greeting people been,
That he seems wobbly on his pins,
As if he’s just been on the Pimm’s.

The EU leaders, it is true,
Are not quite sure what they should do,
They know all this but cannot say,
’Cos Juncker is in charge today.

So they all just turn a blind eye,
Hoping that this some time will buy,
They pray that God will intervene,
When Claude is on the TV screen.

He could make sure he stands up straight,
When he is in a drunken state,
And if he has been in a fight,
Perhaps He’ll keep him out of sight.

But now another bit of news,
For Claude has been expressing views,
And wants an army he can lead,
So this is serious indeed.

An army under his control,
Including soldiers French and Pole,
Might make him rather less inclined,
To do nought when he is maligned.

He might take action more direct,
Which could seem bad in retrospect,
So maybe they’ll arrange a coup,
And we can bid the man “Adieu”.

Image – berlin-athen.eu

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