The EU meeting held today,
In Bratislava by the way,
Is plotting without much disguise,
To see how it can penalise,
The UK, once its partner, who,
Has voted to leave the EU.

“We know,” they say, “you voted ‘No’,
But that was just a ballot so,
Your people will soon all get bored,
And then it can just be ignored.

This tactic we have tried before,
With Irish, French and even more,
And usually it works quite well,
Their democratic views to quell.

We know you really ought to stay,
So we will help your Mrs May,
By telling her we will deploy,
Our influence so to destroy,
Your country in a fit of pique,
So that for you the future’s bleak.

And though we won’t admit it so,
Some other countries want to go,
So this example that we set,
Will be for them a useful threat.

These others who might think to go,
Include the Czechs and Poles you know;
They were oppressed back in the past,
And people were all so downcast,
For they had rarely any choice,
And not a democratic voice.

But members can’t leave the EU,
No matter voters want them to,
The Soviet Union’s long since dead,
So we must do their job instead.

This means that all must toe the line,
And if they do they’ll be just fine,
But if they overstep the mark,
The future, too, for them is stark.”

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