The EEC is in a mess,
For reasons not so hard to guess,
Some think their leaders just don’t care,
And there are migrants everywhere.

As well as this the euro’s not,
Done anything to stop the rot,
In fact it’s really made things worse –
The worst thing in the universe.

The Germans sit there – they are fine,
But southern states producing wine,
Can’t sell their products though they try,
’Cos the exchange rate is too high.

And ’cos of this there is no work,
For people though they do not shirk,
And finances far from the plan,
Are quickly going down the pan.

The EU leaders won’t accept,
They have done something so inept,
And this is why they’re out of touch –
They simply do not listen much.

So voters all throughout their lands,
Most used to sitting on their hands,
Are rising up now to object,
To unelected power unchecked.

They want to have a bigger say,
In how they’re ruled from day to day,
But the response from on high’s “Yes!
You must have more Europe, not less.”

If this goes on folk will rebel,
The Brits have gone, said, “What the hell!”
But if the French should start revolt,
It may come like a thunderbolt.

For they might just start civil war,
Something that they have done before;
The French are experts in this field,
Will single out the ones well-heeled,
So one precaution they should take,
Is not to ever mention cake.

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