Hungarian Prime Minister Orban addresses journalists during a press briefing at the European Parliament in Strasbourg

Afraid it’s EU time again,
And hope it doesn’t inflict pain,
But this week’s Slovak meeting seems,
Not to have helped the Euro dreams.

There’s Brexit first, they must have talked,
And Jean-Claude Juncker says they balked,
At all the UK might desire,
So there is more fat in the fire.

It’s difficult, though, to believe,
That Juncker could in fact achieve,
Consent of every member state,
On points concerning Britain’s fate.

So take this with a pinch of salt,
He’s probably been on the malt,
And posturing like this I think,
Must mean he is the worse for drink.

But elsewhere what did we find out?
Well, Mr Renzi tried to flout,
Convention by refusing to,
Stand there with leaders one and two,
Because he said they were inept,
And so could not their views accept.

By one and two of course I mean,
The hausfrau and that French has-been,
Who think that they can run the show,
Now Britain has got up to go.

With Britain soon out of the way,
Have Brussels bashers had their day?

You may think so but you’d be wrong,
Because it hasn’t taken long,
For our replacement to emerge,
And likely to become the scourge,
Of Brussels and it’s well-paid chums,
By battering their eardrums.

It’s Viktor Orban who extolls,
With some support from Czechs and Poles,
The virtue of the nation state,
Which Brussels always likes to hate.

He’s been warned not to rock the boat,
For the EU must stay afloat,
And it he does not toe the line,
It could be scuppered anytime.

But Orban is, it seems to me,
Not like to bow or bend the knee,
At this instruction from on high.
Instead he’ll look them in the eye,
Their entreaties will be rebuffed,
And then he’ll tell them to get stuffed.

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