The British Bake Off’s still on air,
But if you’ve got more time to spare,
Prepare yourselves for one more fight,
About to start next Sat’day night.

For Strictly will be on again,
It’s pretty harmless in the main,
And all the dancers, judges too,
Will be dressed up from head to shoe.

The judges will give out their scores,
We’ll expect fives and maybe fours,
But Horwood, to give him his due,
Will likely stick to one or two.

To help him give out scores so low,
And boost the ratings of the show,
Some dancers are not too elite,
And one or two have two left feet.

Ed Balls is this year’s case in point,
I’m sure he will not disappoint,
One judge said he is like a bus,
Or p’rhaps a hippopotamus.

These compliments come thick and fast,
And they’ll not surely be the last,
So watch this weekend and you’ll see.
If Balls can struggle up to three.

Image – http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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