In this last week we’ve had a stream,
Of EU leaders being mean,
“So what is new?” I hear you say,
“It’s much like that most every day.”

Perhaps it is but now we’re out,
They may soon be consumed by doubt,
Re Britain’s exit from their club,
And so therein may lie the rub.

For as they start to do their sums,
Assessing various outcomes,
Perhaps on them it starts to dawn,
That Britain in this way reborn,
Could do quite well, come out the best,
At least compared to all the rest.

They don’t like this, no not at all,
So several countries, big and small,
Are threatening in concerted way,
To make things tough for the UK.

“We’ll do you down,” they say with scorn,
“And will be in your side a thorn.
Now you’re no longer on the bus,
Don’t think that you can trade with us.”

But Mrs May has kept her cool,
She likes to do so as a rule,
“You’ll have to trade with us,” she says,
“Because there are so many ways,
That we do now, I think you’ll find,
And all are very intertwined.

Just being awkward does no good –
I hope I’m not misunderstood –
So come discuss our plans today,
Or by next Easter anyway.”

The others say, “We are not sure,
If that approach we can endure.
The principle is what now counts,
And we don’t care if the amounts,
Of cars and wine and cheese and more,
Exporters send to Britain’s shore,
Will be less than they were of old –
Our companies do as they’re told.

The principle that we will use,
So that our voters we confuse,
Is that our people have to see,
That Britain is worse off than we.

It is important to deceive,
The people so they’ll all believe,
That if they want to leave as well,
Their lives thereafter will be hell.

It matters not if it’s not true,
Our people do not have a clue,
And if needs be we’ll play our ace –
Cut off our nose to spite our face.”

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