The SNP is quite thin-skinned,
Despite the constant howling wind,
That you’ll find in the Trossachs there –
More than a nip just in the air.

This fact has just now come to light,
Because an MP says a slight,
Has been made by the BBC,
Which if you login you can see.

The BBC a headline used,
Which left the MP unamused,
She says the phrase they used: ‘J*** Shock’
Is one that can be used to mock,
And this phrase was, it seems to her,
A pretty awful racist slur.

The BBC in its defence,
Said, “We’d not planned to cause offence,
And in the dictionary we saw,
It’s been used since the First World War.

It’s just a friendly bit of slang,
Pronounced with any sort of twang,
To any Scots it can refer,
And with this most folk would concur.

Although you’re clearly not too chuffed,
We would advise you to get stuffed,
Except you might try to us drub,
And you’ve still got nuclear subs.”

But now we go from bad to worse,
Because I see in my first verse,
A word I thought OK to choose,
Might not now be all right to use.

On second thoughts, should be all right,
The Japanese are not uptight,
They do not have a foolish streak,
And neither do they English speak.

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