An online protest has begun about the removal of the Toffee Deluxe from the Quality Street tin.

Now toffee lovers everywhere
Are in a state of near despair,
For they have learnt to their dismay,
Their favourite sweet maker, Nestlé,
Oblivious to their fans no doubt,
Has thrown the Toffee Deluxe out.

This little sweet was really nice,
Extremely smooth to be precise,
And all the world liked it a lot,
The English, Welsh and even Scot.

It’s been in there for decades so,
It really shouldn’t have to go,
It should remain as I have said –
Another one can go instead.

But then which one? There’s twelve to choose,
So is there one that we can lose?
Perhaps strawberry, chocolate green,
Or possibly the orange cream?

But maybe not, we like these too,
So difficult to now argue,
That any of these should be gone,
In favour of another one.

So what’s the answer do you think?
If we can’t make the number shrink,
And neither want to start a war,
Then they should simply add one more.

Lucky for some? In this case all,
If Nestlé will just make the call,
Its former view to contravene,
And raise the total to thirteen.

We’ll all be pleased and happy too,
The problems with this plan are few,
The world will still prefer to eat,
Their favourite now – Quality Street.

Image – http://www.alamy.com

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