It is reported that the Government wants train operating companies to make sure passengers are aware when they can claim for delayed trains.

If you should travel much by train,
Then you’ll know that it is a pain,
If lateness doth your train befall,
Or if it doesn’t come at all.

In such a case you have a right,
When travelling by day or night,
To partial refund of your fare,
But of course you must be aware.

Although this is a legal right,
The railway comp’ny may be tight,
And even if it is to blame,
It may not tell you you can claim.

The Government thinks this is slack,
That you should get your money back,
And that the company should tell,
You and all other folk as well.

So new announcements are in store,
For passengers on seats or floor,
Which are to have as their sole aim,
To let you know what you can claim.

The companies are not too thrilled,
Because they expect to be billed,
For much more cash if they are late,
And these claims could them inundate.

But it should really be their aim,
To improve and to up their game,
Then they’ll pay out on fewer days,
Because there are so few delays.

Image – http://www.flickr.com

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