It is reported that Easyjet has appointed a captain aged only twenty-six.

Ladies and gents welcome on board,
We hope your bags have all been stored,
And fasten up your seatbelts so,
We should be ready then to go.

This is your captain who now speaks,
Been in the job about two weeks,
But worry not, I am quite sane,
So I can really fly this plane.

Quite soon we will be on our way,
But it’s my birthday now today,
So as we go you should be told,
I’m only twenty-six years old.

That is a record I’m advised,
But still I have been authorised,
To fly this plane and others too,
Which should be a relief to you.

So raise your glasses, drink up too,
But I will not be joining you,
’Cos stewards on the flight all think,
I look to young to buy a drink.

Image – en.wikipedia.org

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