It is reported that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the contenders in the forthcoming US presidential election, participated in a ninety minute debate on prime time television watched by eighty million viewers but real debate was limited and they spent most of the time insulting each other.

Debate, if such it can be called,
Has left most people quite appalled,
For both of them on TV prime,
Just traded insults all the time.

This was the president’s debate,
’Twixt two who each the other hate;
The message is ‘I may be bad,
But sure as hell I’m really glad,
That even if it sounds perverse,
The other one is far far worse’.

We’d ‘crooked Hillary’ of course,
Now said repeatedly with force,
And health issues not far away,
With one who faints most any day,
And Trump who says he is obese,
But won’t his records all release.

And then we had the subject ‘tax’,
Where Trump has really been too lax,
She said he’d paid none and for why?
A claim that he did not deny,
But, “Tax,” he said, “was just an art,
And paying none was rather smart.”

She tried to make him lose his rag,
While doing her best not to flag,
But while he tried to keep his cool,
Not something he does as a rule,
He said that his avowed intent,
Was having a calm temperament.

At this the audience all laughed,
“This man,” they said, “is more than daft.
Unless he starts to mend his ways,
We won’t believe a word he says.”

The insults rained down for some time,
Some not that far short of a crime,
And that was it, the first one done,
But don’t dismay – there’s worse to come!

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