It is reported that the difficulty some foreigners have in pronouncing certain sounds is changing the English language.

Now immigration, it is claimed,
By some folk is now being blamed,
For changes in our dialect,
Which if it carries on unchecked,
Will make some sounds just disappear,
And ’specially in London here.

English has always been a mix,
Of different types of linguistics,
Like French and German, Latin, Greek,
Which all affect the way we speak.

And also in more recent times,
The country where they pay in dimes,
And sometimes English words misspell,
Have led to changes here as well.

Specifically, some migrants aren’t,
Able to say some sounds they can’t,
And one in which they’re not fluent –
The interdental consonant.

I could quote as example ‘think’,
Which is pronounced (before a drink),
By pushing your tongue up behind,
Your upper teeth, I think you’ll find.

So if this sound cannot be made,
Then from the language it will fade,
To be replaced then I would think,
By something sounding more like ‘fink’.

Most people don’t like too much change,
And some of these new words sound strange,
So as in ages long since past,
It may be best to not change fast.

So ask your friends to try their best,
Although I don’t propose a test,
And they could help a lot if they,
Are careful how their words they say.

Image – pixabay.com

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