It is reported that Germany’s biggest bank may be in trouble and in need of a government bailout.

I wrote before if you took note,
About the UK Brexit vote,
And that the EU out of spite,
Is really getting quite uptight,
And threatening the City banks,
Pretending them they can outrank.

They say that London will lose out,
To all of Frankfurt’s German clout,
And so its trade will be much less,
Resulting in extreme distress.

But now a problem hoves in view,
For German banks that grew and grew,
Have found that they are almost bust,
And losing their financial trust.

Their share prices have now collapsed,
And worsened more as time’s elapsed,
So soon a bailout they might need,
Due to incompetence and greed.

But Mrs Merkel says, “No way!
We will not bail them out today.”
But we know when it gets too hard,
The Government will play its card,
And flood the German banks with cash,
If needed to prevent a crash.

So Frankfurt’s banks are in a stew,
Still thinking they can mount a coup,
On London’s banking sector just
As they themselves are going bust.

But in the end sense should prevail,
And euro banks which may be frail,
Despite all the rodomontade,
Will still in London need to trade.

But sadly we must all contend,
With politicians in the end,
Who often talk through their backside,
When thinking about injured pride.

So as to outcome, fingers crossed,
That logic’s not completely lost,
And come the final Brexit day,
That common sense will have its way.

Image – http://www.flickr.com

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