It is reported that in 1965 a proposal that Sooty the glove puppet should have a girlfriend was almost vetoed by the BBC.

If you are very old like me,
You’ll know when it was time for tea,
A little bear might come on screen,
While you waited for your cuisine.

He started life in fifty-two,
Then entertaining me and you,
And while he was a naughty bear,
Back in those days one did not swear.

His name was Sooty, you’ll have guessed,
’Cos that is how he was addressed,
And then he had a friend called Sweep,
Who never spoke, would only squeak.

He never did grow up at all,
Was never more than one foot tall,
But after thirteen years on screen,
The makers though he might be keen,
To have a girlfriend, name of Soo,
Whom he would like and maybe woo.

But bigwigs at the BBC,
Were not inclined to this agree,
They thought it might potentially,
Encourage immorality.

You might, today, think this absurd,
But in those days most every word,
That on the BBC was spoke,
Especially if in a joke,
Was checked and if just slightly rude,
The word would never be approved.

Eventually the Beeb gave in,
As long as Sooty did not sin,
And so that he’d comply with such,
The two must never, ever touch.

So that was it, the way now clear,
For Sooty but he must not leer,
And if he ever made Soo blush,
Then one of them would get the push.

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