It is reported that the Conservative Party Conference opened and the first contestant was expelled from Strictly Come Dancing.

The Tory conference is this week,
And Mrs May is due to speak,
In fact the speech was right away,
And took place on the opening day.

She quickly got down to brass tacks,
Reported by the Press’s hacks,
Announcing by March seventeen,
Article 50 will have been,
Triggered – is that the word they use?
And this bit at least is fresh news.

Another thing she had to say,
Was this is for the whole UK,
So Mrs Sturgeon, Scottish Queen,
Will doubtless want to vent her spleen.

This likely will not do much good,
Because, it must be understood,
No-one, including the EU,
Will see her or her retinue.

So there we are, some progress made,
Though not yet very much on trade,
“But what of Bexit?” you might say,
“Did that make progress yesterday?”

Well not at all, I can report,
And despite Horwood’s mean retort,
That watching gave him so much pain,
He wouldn’t want to watch again.

By now I hope you get my drift,
This politician was spendthrift,
But since his previous demob.,
He seems to have a better job.

Right now he is a strictly star,
Expecting not to go too far,
But last night he escaped the chop,
Performing in a Charleston bop.

So last night he did really well,
Avoided Bexit as I tell,
By dancing without trips or falls,
I give you your best man: Ed Balls!

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