It is reported that demand for low calorie prosecco is increasing as people tend towards obese.

Prosecco is a kind of wine,
Drunk by rich people all the time,
Its sales have been on the increase,
And drinkers have become obese.

Although the drink is rather fine,
The sugar content of the wine,
Is pretty high I ought to say,
Because it’s always made that way.

So as imbibers waistlines check,
A lot of them exclaim, “By heck!
I just had no idea that,
The bubbly could make us so fat.”

The makers say, “Do not despair,
About our customers we care;
We have a low-cal version made –
Do not confuse with lemonade.”

The fat folk say, “Why, thanks for that,
It should prevent us getting fat,
We’re pretty keen this type to try,
And hope the price is not sky-high.”

The makers said, “Don’t mention it,
The price will not give you a fit,
And since we can some sugar save,
You’ll not go to an early grave.

So benefits apply all round,
You keep yourself out of the ground,
And since the product you adore,
We’re sure you’ll want to buy lots more!”

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