It is reported that Yahoo has been scanning emails for the FBI and other security agencies.

It’s been suspected for a while,
That if you use a smart mobile,
For emails, also other things,
You should be careful when it pings.

The problem may or may not be,
That others might just have the key,
That will decrypt the things you write,
No matter that it’s mainly trite.

The companies, Yahoo! and such,
Don’t really want to say too much,
But Reuters does report today,
That Yahoo! has been told that they,
Must scan emails for naughty words,
So secrecy is for the birds.

It says they were told to comply,
With secret missives from on high,
And since this was done secretly,
No-one could inform you and me.

Yahoo! replies in its defence,
That in the past and present tense,
It does comply with, though it grates,
The laws of the United States.
And that is all that they will say,
Before they wish you a nice day.

The naughty words are not disclosed,
But I guess it might be supposed,
The list might include ‘bomb’ and ‘gun’,
And names of people on the run.

And that is it in a nutshell,
There isn’t any more to tell,
All sorts of questions spring to mind,
But if you ask I think you’ll find,
You’ll get no answer, just odd looks,
In this brave world of spies and spooks.

Image – pixabay.com

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