It is reported that the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham in October 2016 was humourless and boring.

The conference is over now,
Nobody else to take a bow,
For all have given talks and gone,
So no more teas with cake or scone.

It was, by all accounts, quite dull,
Although the hall was pretty full,
With ticket prices rather steep,
Still lots of people fell asleep.

We’re used to having jokes galore,
From Cameron and Hague and more,
All armed with jokes that must be clean,
And definitely not obscene.

But Mrs May’s approach is stern,
“I want the voters all to learn,
That Brexit is just what it says,
Including for those Scottish naes.

Within three years we will be out,
Of that there really is no doubt,
Forgive me if I do obsess,
But it will be a great success.

This is the choice the people made,
We’ll lead the world in terms of trade,
And when it is all said and done,
The country works for everyone.

Nobody will be left behind,
As we improve the daily grind,
For people this will be a plus,
And so they’ll mostly vote for us.

So that’s the slogans now all used,
And if you’re feeling quite confused,
Don’t worry but where’re you live,
Go out and vote Conservative.”

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